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Customer Loyalty

'If you want loyalty you buy a dog. The consumer won't give it to you.' Angus Munro, CEO of Brown & Jackson retailer

Customers are not pets though many loyalty schemes seem to assume they have less intelligence than Fido or Felix. Loyalty has to be earned but can provide big wins for business. See article for more information on customer loyalty and customer relationship management.

IoD Branch Meetings

Janet Downes of DSM has recently presented at a number of IoD branch meetings on Marketing in Hard Times. The events proved to be very popular. For anyone who missed the presentations or wants a reminder click here for a summary of the issues she covered.

If you are interested in further information about how Janet  helps clients get the most out their marketing in tough times contact us by email or phone  - +44 (0) 118 9813224.


Good marketing has a dramatic effect on business performance...

but how do you ensure your marketing is 'good'? <See marketing capability audit>

One vital element is ensuring you have a clearly thought through marketing strategy as a integral part of your business plan. Then you need to implement that strategy in the most cost effective fashion for your business.

Integrating your marketing strategy with your business plan means...<More>

The heart of a marketing strategy is knowing...

exactly which customers you are going to offer which products and services and why they will choose you above your competition.

Once you understand these issues marketing programmes, sales processes and customer service strategies can be designed to maximise value for your business and for customers.

This involves....<More>

Downes Strategic Marketing specialises in...

consultancy and in-company training services that help businesses design and implement effective customer strategies.

Our services include:
  • business and marketing planning
  • marketing audits
  • sales and marketing process assessment and design
  • marketing research
  • marketing capability, skills and competence assessment and development
  • mentoring and coaching
  • marketing training


Our clients......

range from multinationals to start-ups and come from a wide range of industries including IT and telecommunications, financial services, healthcare and leisure as well as specialised SMEs and public bodies. Find out what we've done to help them <More>

When Less is More

Having to cut costs to sustain your business in hard times? Marketing budgets are often the first in line for the chop. But rather than cut blindly and possibly harm your business for years to come check out our top cost cutting tips which can actually improve your marketing. <More>

Strategy Health Check

Want to find out if you really have a high quality marketing strategy? Try out our quick and dirty strategy audit and see how good you really are! <More>

Back to Basics

Developing an effective marketing plan requires an amalgam of good process, sound analysis and creativity. To find out more see our Primer on Marketing Planning. <More>