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Influencing the Business
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Influencing the Business

Aims and Objectives

Many marketers do or should act as internal consultants to their organisations advising on the best marketing practises to use rather than having total control of the decisions. Becoming a consultant to the business requires an ability to challenge business owners effectively. This calls for a confident handling of relationships, the creation of logical well-reasoned arguments and an understanding of how to effectively position your advice so that it is heeded by internal ‘clients.’

The purpose of this 1-day workshop is to give participants insights into how to position their thinking with decision-makers and key opinion formers in their organisation.

What the workshop will cover

  • What is consultancy?

  • Internal Consultancy

  • Attributes of Successful Consultants

  • Pitfalls and Key Issues

  • How successful consultants work

  • Process, Roles, Actions, Skills

  • Building Relationships

  • Managing Challenge and Conflict

  • Managing Yourself

  • Personal development, knowledge building, self-motivation and staying sane!

  • Individual internal consultancy skills inventories and development actions


This is a highly interactive course and requires delegates to assess their behaviour and develop influencing strategies appropriate to their roles, skills and organisation. This will be achieved through lectures, discussions and exercises.

On completion the delegates should be able to:

Recognise and use the appropriate behaviour and communications strategies to build respected relationships with peers and with more senior managers and increase their influence on the business.

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DSM provides a range of in-company training courses as well as competency and training needs assessment services. Tailored training programmes are usually built from a menu of standard options and customised material. In-company courses can be cost effective for groups of 6 or more delegates, depending on the amount of customisation required. The info box on the left of this screen gives a list of sample courses.

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Consultancy Services

Consultancy projects are tailored to meet the requirements of each situation and client. The services we offer include:

  • Sales & marketing audits

  • Sales & marketing process assessment & redesign

  • Marketing planning

  • Marketing strategy assessment & design

  • Marketing competency assessment

  • Training needs analysis

  • Coaching & mentoring

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