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Information Sources

Information Sources


Do Web Ads Work?

'Anecdotal feedback from many of my advertisers is:- "Web advertising is now our biggest source of new leads, and the leads we get from your site spend more, on average, than the leads we get from other sources." In fact the customer renewal rates on my site have been over 95% for a couple of years now, and as most of my advertisers typically seem willing to spend much larger sums year on year, there is enough evidence to convince me that web advertising can work very well.

So how does this correlate with Kotler and Nielsen who both say web advertising doesn't work. Some people are saying one thing, while others are saying another. My answer is simple....' <More>



PR Services

Free and nearly free PR distribution sites

name suitable for? lead time? notes
PRweb All industries. 24 hours Your release date must be the same day as you submit. Or you can submit a release with a future date. Your story will appear on PRweb and will be added to some search-engines. You'll be emailed on confirmation, and can link to your release on their site.
pressbox All industries. 24 hours Free release distribution to web site and journalists via email.
SPARC Product Directory New Sun compatible products, news about manufacturers and resellers in the Sun market. 24 hours FREE news distribution to Sun buyers. Send your release by email to the editor.

This is an end-to-end process which ensures news is seen by the targeted market.
STORAGEsearch New storage products (hardware or software), news about manufacturers and resellers in the enterprise storage market. 24 hours FREE news distribution to enterprise storage buyers. Send your release by email to the editor.

This is an end-to-end process which ensures news is seen by the targeted market.
SourceWire Any IT or telco release. (UK focused) 24 hours This is a nearly free service (about $10). Stories are used by a large number of paper and web publications (mainly in the UK). There is a form on the site for entering your release.

Fee based PR distribution sites - from about $200 to $525

Business Wire


Internet News Bureau

Internet Wire

Press Release Network

PR Newswire

Xpress Press

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Marketing and Business Planning

Business Plan Center - Software and articles to help people through the process of putting together a marketing plan

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CRM - CRM Portal from Freedom Technology Media Group

CRM Library on Bitpipe - includes articles and white papers

I-CRM Discussion List - email list & archive from Audette Media

CRMSuperSite - CRM Portal from TechRepublic

ITtoolbox CRM - CRM news & vendor database

eCRMGuide - portal published by

CRMCommunity - relaunched June 20, 2001 - CRM portal - published by - interactive CRM resource

RealMarket Today - CRM news portal

Catalyst CRM Foundation - CRM implementation methodology developed by  industry experts

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Professional Institutions

Chartered Institute of Marketing

Moor Hall
tel:- 01628 427 500

CIM is the largest marketing institution in Europe.

It offers professional qualifications, information services and other benefits to members and others. The CIM runs a huge number of marketing courses. You don't have to be a CIM Member to go on these courses. Courses range from 1 day public courses to long term academic programs. CIM also runs company specific training, which can be tailored to meet the needs of your marketing team in the UK, or Europe.

Sample marketing courses.
Institute of Directors

116 Pall Mall
tel:- 020 7839 1233
The Institute of Directors is the leading UK organization representing individual company directors.

Most people don't think of the IOD as a marketing training company, but in fact marketing is just one of the many subjects which directors can cover as part of the IOD's professional development programs.

Example:- Effective Marketing Strategies
Institute of Direct Marketing

1 Park Road
TW11 0AR
tel:- 020 8977 5705
The IDM provides qualifications and practical support for direct marketing practitioners .

Their 3 volume "Direct Marketing Guide" is an excellent sourcebook which covers all practical aspects of classical (pre web) marketing. Mailshots, print advertising and telesales are very comprehensively covered, and even if you already own hundreds of marketing books, you should make this part of your collection if you are at all involved in direct marketing.

Training courses overview
Direct Marketing Association (UK)

Haymarket House
1 Oxendon Street
tel:- 020 7321 2525
The DMA (UK) is the trade organization for companies in direct marketing in the UK.

The DMA's mission is to promote and protect the direct marketing industry and give consumers trust and confidence. Members include advertisers from a broad range of business sectors, direct marketing and telemarketing agencies, and service suppliers from printers and mailing houses to list brokers and database consultancies.

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Web Marketing

Most of the best information about web marketing can't be found in printed books.

That's because traditional book publishers have a lead-time of 18 months or more, which in this fast changing market is ancient history. Until that changes the web itself is the best place to find information about marketing on the web. The web sites listed below will help you understand how to market your company better online, and help you find resources to get the job done. Mark Welch's renamed Adbility's Web Publishers' Advertising Guide will impress you. It contains analysis of hundreds of web resources and sites related to banner advertising. Provides a search-engine service for your own web site. Free up to 500 indexed pages. Can also index flash pages. This is the largest current list of search engines and web directories. It includes links to these sites, and quick entry to their "add url" forms. Unlike some of the automated resources (below) this one is free to use. A directory of resources on the web which contain market statistics. Great if you're doing market research into a particular trend or industry. The Marketing Virtual Library as been in existence since 1998. It's operated and maintained by Paul Christ, Ph.D. Dr. Christ is an Associate Professor in the Marketing Department of West Chester University of Pennsylvania, This is the web marketing site from BusinessMarketing magazine. The magazine has a great section each month about the web. The new revamped web site has useful nuggets from this excellent magazine. Directory of online Sales and Marketing magazines - includes many web versions of traditional print publications. This linked page is a directory of search engines related to Advertising and Marketing. Articles which analyze and compare the leading search-engines. Includes useful tables which compare the number of web pages in each engine, the average time to show a newly added page, and the number of pages updated each day. Provides hard numeric data for direct marketers which is not easily available elsewhere.
SubmitIt! This is an automated service which submits your web site on a semi-automated basis to hundreds of search engines. Hundreds of short articles which discuss all aspects of the web by Jakob Nielsen. The Web Host Directory from Inspiring Technologies Ltd includes will help you find a web hosting company and service for your new or current web site(s). You can search for suppliers by including parameters such as price, speed, and a list of technical or service related parameters. This directory also includes editorial about developments on web hosting and reader nominated awards. In depth articles about web promotion and related subjects. Contains extracts from the site owner's book "The Step by Step Guide to Successfully Promoting a Web site", also includes summaries of resources and utilities which can help you with working examples The Wilson Internet Services site includes hundreds of articles about all aspects of web marketing. The level is pitched at marketers and includes practical checklists and case studies.

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Web Marketing Resources

Macro Level Info
E-Business Case Studies - by Intel
Dot-Com Heroes:- Case Studies - by Sun Microsystems
E-Commerce Case Studies - by Microsoft


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