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Marketing Planning
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Influencing the Business
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Introduction to Practical Marketing Planning

What is this workshop about

This highly interactive two-day workshop concentrates on the practical aspects of marketing planning i.e. how to develop focused marketing programmes linked to your organization's strategy and situation using a logical planning process. In this way marketing becomes more relevant and effective, and plans, programmes and budgets become easier to justify. Good quality planning is essential to make this happen. The aim of this workshop is for every delegate to leave with a checklist of actions to improve planning in their own organization. Lectures, checklists, tools, examples and exercises will be used to facilitate this outcome.

Who should attend

This workshop is for anyone new to marketing planning or those wanting to refresh their knowledge and skills. It can be used as a way of preparing for a new planning cycle or a new role. For the more experienced it can be used to review current planning practice and identify what to do to improve.

Ten Key Benefits

This workshop will give you:

  1. Clear definitions of the different types of marketing planning
  2. Logical processes for producing marketing and campaign plans
  3. An appreciation of current best practice and how to adapt it to your organization
  4. A method for assessing the current market situation of your organization
  5. A shopping list of options for marketing objectives and strategies with advise when to use which of them
  6. Guidelines on the best choice of marketing communications methods and media
  7. Sample documents for use in your own organization
  8. A checklist for briefing and managing agencies
  9. Techniques for dealing with opposition and gaining support for your plans
  10. A planning to-do list for each delegate to take away


1.    What is marketing planning?

·        Marketing planning – definition and purpose

·        The overall planning structure – the planning matrix

·        Best practice planning processes

                                                  i.      Strategic marketing planning

                                                ii.      Brand and product planning

                                              iii.      Annual marketing communications plan

                                               iv.      Campaign plans

                                                 v.      Top down and bottom-up planning

·        Sample formats

·        Common pitfalls - what can go wrong and how to deal with problems

2.    Strategic Marketing Planning

·        Marketing Audits

                                                  i.      Choosing the parameters to audit - internal and external factors

                                                ii.      Audit process – gathering and assessing information; processes and tools

                                              iii.      Summarizing an audit – key outputs required

·        Marketing Strategies

                                                  i.      After the audit – so what? – linking the audit to marketing strategies

                                                ii.      Understanding your strategic options

                                              iii.      Product/Market selection

                                               iv.      Marketing objectives

                                                 v.      Segmentation

·        Linking strategies to marketing plans and programmes using the marketing mix

                                                  i.      Definitions of the marketing mix

                                                ii.      Key issues to consider in developing product, service, pricing, channel and promotional strategies and campaigns

·        New product development

·        Differences between tangible goods and services marketing

·        Pricing strategies

·        Channel options

·        Integrating marketing communications programmes with other elements of the marketing mix

3.    The Annual Marketing Communications Plan

·        The annual marketing communications plan

                                                  i.      Process

                                                ii.      Key elements – SOSTAC+4Ms

·        Situation

·        Objectives

·        Strategy

·        Tactics

·        Targets

·        Men

·        Money

·        Minutes

                                              iii.      Alternative budgeting methods – the pros and cons

                                               iv.      The review and control process – how to keep marketing plans on course and alive

4.    Planning Marketing Communications Programmes

·        Integrated marketing communications programmes

·        Planning individual campaigns

                                                  i.      Planning process

                                                ii.      Objectives, audience, message, media, timing/frequency, budget, creativity, measuring effectiveness

                                              iii.      Use of research

·        Understanding your positioning and using it effectively

·        Selecting target audiences

·        Defining the message

·        Setting programme objectives

                                                  i.      Links to business and marketing objectives

                                                ii.      The buying process

                                              iii.      Communications models – DAGMAR, AIDA and others

                                               iv.      Connecting models to objectives

·        Choosing the right channels – selecting marketing communications methods and media

                                                  i.      The options – the range of marketing communications techniques and media from national advertising through digital marketing to face-to-face selling

                                                ii.      What works best and when – some guidelines

·        Assembling the overall plan

                                                  i.      Sanity checks – consistency, delivering the objectives, testing marketing plans – upside down planning

                                                ii.      Resourcing programmes – people, time and money

·        Managing the planning process

5.    Implementing Marketing Programmes

·        Using external resources

                                                  i.      The agency’s perspective

                                                ii.      Briefing and managing an agency – dos and don’ts

·        Measuring effectiveness

·        Tracking and managing performance

·        Gaining support – internal marketing

6.    Conclusion and close

·        Summary

·        Further sources of information

·        Next steps – how will you implement your learning

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