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Can I change the fonts of the Splash movie?

Only if you have the Flash 5 (.fla) file, which can be bought separately.

Can I change the fonts of the other movies?

Yes, you may modify the other movies using Swish 2.0.

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"ACME" is the producer of many fine quality products used in various Warner Bros. cartoons. We figured that even bunnies and roadrunners might want a flexible, clean, and professional web template such as this one.

About the Movie

The "coffee cup" movie was created using Swish. You can edit the movie if you have Swish 2.0+. In your web is a "flash" folder. Open it and you'll find the faqmovie.swi file. Open this file in Swish, and edit as you wish. Then export an .swf back into your web and replace the existing movie.