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Editing Swish movies

In your web is a folder called "flash." In it you will find the Swish movie files (.swi) for the various movies in this web site. If you own Swish 2.0+, you may edit the movies with your own text or images.

In Swish, open the .swi file and make changes. (Swish Help has lots of tutorials to help you.) Then, go to File > Export > to swf and export an swf movie using the existing name. Save this .swf movie into your web and replace the existing movie.


Important information...

  • Be sure to see the right column information to find out which movies are editable with Swish.

Editing your Splash page...

You have to careful when editing your Splash page because there is a lot of JavaScript coding. Follow these instructions carefully!

  1. Open index.htm in FrontPage. You will notice that you cannot see the Flash movie in FrontPage's Normal View. Don't worry! This is because of the JavaScript Flash detection.
  2. Go to File > Preview in Browser and choose Internet Explorer, then hit Preview. You should see the page in a browser, with the Flash movie showing up. Go ahead and leave this browser window open.
  3. Go back to FrontPage, and switch to HTML view.
  4. Scroll down until you see some red text that looks like this:
    // in this section we set up the content to be placed dynamically on the page
    // customize movie tags and alternate html content below
  5. Underneath that will be more coding. You are interested in these two lines:
    if (!useRedirect) { // if dynamic embedding is turned on
    if(hasRightVersion) { // if we've detected an acceptable version
    var oeTags = '<OBJECT classid="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000"'
    + 'codebase=...'
    + 'WIDTH=184 HEIGHT=267>'

    + '<PARAM NAME=movie VALUE="splashmovie.swf?tag=Put your own text here!">'
    + '<PARAM NAME=quality VALUE=high>'
    + '<PARAM NAME=bgcolor VALUE=#FFFFFF>'
    + '<EMBED src="splashmovie.swf?tag=Put%20your%20own%20text%20here!"
  6. After the "tag=" in the first line (<PARAM...>), edit the "Put your own text here!" with your own tagline. Please realize that space is limited.
    + '<PARAM NAME=movie VALUE="splashmovie.swf?tag=Put your own text here!">'
  7. Save your document, then switch back to your open browser window and hit the Refresh button to see your changes take place. In Internet Explorer, you should be able to see your tagline show up. Make changes if necessary back in FrontPage.
  8. Now, you want to edit the second line (<EMBED...>). You may copy and paste your tagline into the EMBED tag. Then, you have to replace the spaces with "%20" in order for the movie to show up correctly in Netscape. See the example above in Step 5.
  9. After saving, you may preview your web site in Netscape to make sure that the Flash movie works.

Flash Notes...

Please note that you cannot change the font, color, font size, or animation effects in the Flash movie without purchasing the .flas and editing them in Flash 5+.

Included in this web template in the "flash" folder is a movie called "splashmovie-allchars.swf." You will need to use this movie if you will be using any special characters (, , , etc.) in the Flash movie, along with special character codes that you can find at in the tutorials area under "Flash tech." To use it, rename the movie to "splashmovie.swf" and move it out of the folder into your main folder to replace the existing Flash movie. Please note that this movie has a larger file size (27.1 K as opposed to 13 K).

Swish or Flash?

Swish and Flash are two different programs that both create ".swfs" (Shockwave movies). Flash is more powerful, but can be hard to learn. Swish has a slightly lower learning curve and is good for text effects and text animations.

Template Info

This template comes with Swish movie files that you may edit with Swish 2.0 for the movie on the contact page, services page, and faq page. If you do not have Swish, we've designed the movies so that you might like to keep them as they are. However, you are free to delete any or all of the movies.

The Splash page movie is not a Swish movie and is not editable with Swish or Flash. (You may purchase the Flash files separately.) However, we've created the movie so that you can add your own tagline simply by editing the HTML. See the Splash page section on this page to find out how.


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