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The ACME All-Purpose Template Package...

  • The ACME Theme with defined navigation buttons, fonts, and colors. This Theme must be applied with Cascading Style Sheets for the colors and fonts to show up properly.
  • Subtle Flash animation in upper right of pages.
  • Lots of extra Swish movies! See the contact page, services page, and faq page.
  • Splash page with Swish movie. You will need Swish 2+ to edit the movie.
  • Automatic Flash detection for splash page. If your user doesn't have Flash, they will see a static image. You may edit "splash-left.jpg" in an image editor such as Photoshop or PhotoDraw with your text for viewers who don't have Flash.
  • Info boxes in both the left and right columns.
  • Classy, flexible page layout. Includes a "liquid" page template if you want this page to resize to 800x600+ browser window sizes. (Default pages are static to fit in 800x600 minimum windows.)
How to make a new web using this web template
  1. Go to File/New/Web (2000) or File/New/Page or Web (2002).
  2. In 2002, you will need to click "Web Template" in the right side taskbar.
  3. Choose the Imagination web template, and specify the location you want to publish to.
  4. Click "OK" and wait for FrontPage to create your new web.
Adding New Pages to Your Web

Open a page that has the layout the way you want it, then go to File/Save As. Save the page under a new name - be sure to change the page title as well! Then, go to Navigation View and drag your new page into the navigation structure.

Deleting Pages from Your Web

Right-click on the pages you wish to delete in your Folder List, in Folder View, or in Navigation View, then select "Delete."

Renaming Pages

If you would like to use an existing page but want to rename it, you may easily do this in Folders View. Right-click on the file name and/or the page title and choose "Rename" to rename your file.

Changing Layout

We have formatted the tables so that this page will look good and resize in Netscape and Internet Explorer. If you wish to change the layout, please follow these instructions.

About this page layout
This page has been very carefully formatted with different nesting tables so that it resizes both vertically and horizontally. Do not drag on any table lines - you may "freeze" the page so that it no longer resizes properly.

Please note that the top bar uses the "top level" navigation buttons. Any other type of navigation button will have blue text, which will not show up in the blue bar. If you wish to change the navigation buttons to a different type, you may wish to use text links, create your own button graphics, or, if you use FP2002, create a text link style.

Adding other columns to the page
We suggest that you do not directly add columns to this layout, as you may accidentally "freeze" the page so that it no longer resizes. Instead, delete the page template content, then go to Table/Insert/Table to add your own table in the center area. You may click within a table and go to Table > Select > Table to get a better idea of the table structure of this page.

Cascading Style Sheets

If you apply the theme without Cascading Style Sheets, the fonts will be "normal" sized, and you may resize them yourself.

If you apply the theme with Cascading Style Sheets, your default font will be 10pt. We also included a custom style called "small" in a smaller font, to use in your info boxes. Any changes you make manually to the fonts will show up in Internet Explorer, but not in some versions of Netscape.

Style sheets are a nice way to globally change properties of paragraphs and text -- instead of having to go to each page and change your text from 8pt to 10pt, you can just change the style sheet.

If you would like to define a new "style" (a certain way to display text -- what font, size, color, etc.), you may modify the theme or create new style information.

To modify the style sheet associated, with the theme: Go to Format/Theme, click the Modify button, click the Text button, click on More Text Styles, and create a new style. Once you are back in Normal View, you may access these styles from the Style dropdown menu. Styles are usually applied to entire paragraphs.

To modify or create a new style sheet, go to Format/Style.

Modifying Flash...

Please see the Flash info page.



"ACME" is the producer of many fine quality products used in various Warner Bros. cartoons. We figured that even bunnies and roadrunners might want a flexible, clean, and professional web template such as this one.

Replace the gears

Like this template, but want a different Flash movie instead of the gears? Be sure to take a look at our components for replacement Flash movies, or contact John Galt's Tools to request a different movie.


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