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Improving the Performance of Your Organisation

Downes Strategic Marketing (DSM) is ... independent training and consultancy business that assists organizations to improve their performance through developing and executing clear customer (marketing, sales and business development) strategies and plans. We save you time and money by identifying opportunities to improve your sales and marketing capabilities, processes and strategies and then helping you implement plans to exploit those opportunities.

Our two main areas of activity are consultancy and in-company training. Further information is provided in the info boxes on the right. A list of sample courses is given on the left. You will find descriptions of some of our projects below. To see more information about our customers and find out what they say about us click here.

Projects include:

  • Assessing marketing and sales processes and plans of many organizations and facilitating improvements, the development of new plans and re-designed processes.

  • Training many organizations to assess and redesign their own customer-facing processes.

  • Assisting a software company to become more market oriented through the implementation of an improved group-wide marketing planning system. Provided feedback and advice at group board level (and throughout the operating units) on marketing planning, designed and delivered training programs and assessed the marketing plans of three strategic business units before and during implementation of the plans.

  • Mentoring the MD of a small health care company starting up a new nationwide health care service in sales, marketing and customer service process improvement and business planning to raise investment capital.

  • Establishing required levels of marketing competence for a large, international marketing department in a communications company, assessing the current level of skill and recommending development actions to bridge the gap and designing and delivering appropriate training programs.

  • Assisting a defense establishment in marketing commercial applications of their technology.

  • Carrying out research (desk research and focus groups) and providing advice on business planning for a start-up career development service.

  • Facilitating the development of a strategic marketing plan (containing a series of related product plans) for a major PC manufacturer. Through the training and workshop process used also developed marketing and product planning processes and skills in the clients’ marketing and management teams.

  • Assessing the sales, and customer service processes of a health care company and facilitating the development of new processes designed to address problems and shortcomings in the original processes.

  • Design of a post implementation service strategy for a financial systems company. Included carrying out a situational analysis and marketing audit, which required surveying existing customers and analyzing their attitudes and requirements.

  • Carrying out in depth market research with a client's customers to determine their level of satisfaction and to analyze and prioritize business problems and recommend strategy changes.

  • Recommending a marketing strategy for a printer company wishing to enter new market segments based on research into the segments’ potential and characteristics.

  • Facilitating a strategy weekend for a specialist SME, which assists clients in managing the risk involved in implementing software projects associated with large infrastructure projects. The goal of the weekend was to develop a draft mission statement and environmental audit for the company.

  • Facilitating development of a company strategy for a specialist SME (risk managers for software projects associated with large infrastructure projects) using a strategy weekend. The specific outcomes of the weekend were an agreement on the company’s direction summarized in a draft mission statement and an analysis of the company’s situation and environment.

  • Enabling a pharmaceutical software company’s management team to develop the foundations of a business development strategy through a facilitated strategy day.



DSM provides a range of in-company training courses as well as competency and training needs assessment services. Tailored training programmes are usually built from a menu of standard options and customised material. In-company courses can be cost effective for groups of 6 or more delegates, depending on the amount of customisation required. The info box on the left of this screen gives a list of sample courses.

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For more information contact us by email or phone  - +44 (0) 118 9813224.

Consultancy Services

Consultancy projects are tailored to meet the requirements of each situation and client. The list on the left gives an idea of our capabilities. The services we offer include:

  • Sales & marketing audits

  • Sales & marketing process assessment & redesign

  • Marketing planning

  • Marketing strategy assessment & design

  • Marketing competency assessment

  • Training needs analysis

  • Coaching & mentoring

Click here to see what our customers say about us.

For more information contact us by email or phone  - +44 (0) 118 9813224.