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Web Advertising Article
Marketing in Hard Times


Practical Marketing & Business Development

This part of the site is under development. Please accept our apologies if you have been redirected here from another part of the site. If you require further information that you cannot find here please contact us.

We are developing a range of practical sales and marketing articles. On the left is a list of those currently available. We are also working on articles covering:

  • Customer loyalty and customer relationship management
  • A marketing capability audit
  • Integrating marketing and business strategy
  • Targeting the right customer
  • Strategy health checks
  • A primer on marketing planning
If you have any suggestions for article topics, feedback on our articles or you would like to provide an article yourself please let us know.
When Less is More

Having to cut costs to sustain your business in hard times? Marketing budgets are often the first in line for the chop. But rather than cut blindly and possibly harm your business for years to come check out our top cost cutting tips which can actually improve your marketing. <More>

Do Web Ads Work?

'Anecdotal feedback from many of my advertisers is:- "Web advertising is now our biggest source of new leads, and the leads we get from your site spend more, on average, than the leads we get from other sources." In fact the customer renewal rates on my site have been over 95% for a couple of years now, and as most of my advertisers typically seem willing to spend much larger sums year on year, there is enough evidence to convince me that web advertising can work very well.

So how does this correlate with Kotler and Nielsen who both say web advertising doesn't work. Some people are saying one thing, while others are saying another. My answer is simple....' <More>


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